Romain Tower is a full-service telecommunications construction company employing 60 field technicians of various skill sets. Our business model is to be a diversified communications company operating with in-house, trained employees. This business model allows Romain Tower to be a turnkey telecom company capable of virtually anything in the telecom industry.  


At Romain Tower we provide a wide range of telecom services including A&E, SAQ, Permitting, Underground Boring/Construction, Tower Construction, Tower Painting, Tower Lighting, Guy-Wire Changeouts, Excavation, Tower Foundations, Cellular Installation, Tower Modification, Decommissioning, Small Cell, and Microwave installation/Alignment.


David Romain
President - David Romain
Cynthia DuPlessis
Director of Finance and Administration- Cynthia Du Plessis
Katy Crandon
Human Resources and Accounting - Katy Crandon
Karina Paredes
Accounting - Karina Paredes
Ray Medellin
Project Manager - Ray Medellin
JW Gibson
Project Manager - JW Gibson
Robert Roup
Project Manager - Robert Roup
Jonas Sosa
Construction Manager - Jonas Sosa
Casey Nicholas
Project Coordinator - Casey Nicholas
Flor Temix
Project Coordinator - Flor Temix
Miguel Montemayor
Warehouse - Miguel Montemayor
Michael Guerra
Crane Operator - Michael Guerra
DEN-153 DURING (40)
Justin Bussey 2
Kelly Frymark
Jerome Cotton
Ralph Green